Airbus sells 41 Jets in September, But Record Fourth-Quarter Required to Meet 2019 Goal

James Blair

European planemaker official data preview sale of 41 jets in September standing well ahead of US rival Boeing Co that has relatively slower year.

European planemaker Airbus disclosed official figures on the sales of its jets in September that indicates company delivered 41 jets in one month and cancelled 9 jets including 5 originally sold later to Norwegian Air, while standing well ahead of US rival Boeing Co that has relatively slower year. This is company’s first update on sale data since the 10% tariffs on its Aircrafts by United States.

Air Bus registered sales of 303 jets in first nine months of 2019 while after ordinary cancelations net new orders are 127. So it stands ahead of Boeing which was struck by slow year for the industry with the addition of safety and trade headlines after grounding of 737 Max Boeing following the two accidents in Indonesia and Ethiopia. Boeing received 145 orders in first seven months of 2019 while after cancelations net new orders are 55.

A monthly Airbus table showed that Norwegian Air orders reduced to 88 aircraft from 93 in 2019 after the cancellation of five A320neo aircraft orders.

Airbus said it achieved 14 orders for 14 A220 and 10 for A321neo aircrafts, while it didn’t disclose names of the clients.

12 new orders that the company received for A330neo aircraft are already approved, the plane which is an upgraded version of A330 wide-body and competes with Boeing 787 belongs to Malaysia’s AirAsiaX. Three buyers of Airbus jets preferredto replace 22 A320neo planes with larger A321neo, the plane which is winning against Boeing’s counterpart.

Airbus goal for the year 2019 is 880-890 deliveries while it has delivered 571 jets in the first nine months. So Airbus will have to break its record of 2018’s last quarter deliveries of 297 to meet its 2019 goal.

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