Alibaba to Suspend Sales of e-Cigarettes and its Components in U.S.

Robert Cieslak

Alibaba to suspend sale of e-cigarettes and its components by Thursday in United States following the negative reports citing the rising concerns about the e-cigarettes causing mysterious lung diseases.

Alibaba announced that it will suspend sale of e-cigarettes and its components in the United States amid the rise in regulatory measures and the negative reports citing concerns about the vaping.

According to reports vaping products that are largely the electric cigarettes are becoming the source of mysterious lung illness and it has been linked to two dozen deaths. There are over a thousand confirmed and probable cases that are related the cryptic lung disease caused by vaping.

New sales restriction declared by Alibaba will take effect by Thursday. Restricted e-cigarette and vaping products include box mods, vape pens, herbal vaporizers, heat not burn devices, and empty pod cartridges. These products would not be shown to the United States users.

“There have been many concerns raised in the United States regarding under-age e-cigarettes usage, and the potential public health issues related to vaping products,” said Alibaba in an official statement published on its website.

Recently Kroger Co and Walgreens Boots Alliance Inc had already announced the decision to cease the sale of e-cigarettes at their stores following the similar move by Walmart. While Alibaba says it already had a policy to control the sale of e-cigarettes and not sell complete e-cigarettes products in U.S.

According to reports 24 patients with lung disease linked to the dominant ‘Dank Vapes’. The elements that these products contained areTHC, which is psychoactive ingredient in marijuana.

Separately, Inc stopped the listing of vape paraphernalia in September, although ecommerce did not specify the names of products it removed.

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