The AIR Company of Georgia Appoints New Chief Executive Officer

The AIR Company of Georgia has announced that the company has appointed Christopher W. Marek as the company’s new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) with immediate effect. The company has further added that the company’s newly appointed Chief Executive Officer, Christopher W. Marek, would also hold responsibilities as the Managing Director of the company’s newly formed subsidiary named as ‘The Company’.

Executive Partner at The AIR Company of Georgia, Robert Fisher said, “Chris brings 25 years of sales and corporate experience with a singular focus on his clients.  He is an engaging and enthusiastic professional with a strategic mindset.”

We are so happy that Chris has decided to take on this new opportunity and we have all the faith and confidence in him for a successful implementation of our business plan,” Robert Fisher further added.

Sharing his thoughts over the new appointments, Christopher W. Marek said, “I am extremely honored to lead The AIR Company of Georgia going forward.  Our clients and dedicated employees are my number one priority. Our mission is to offer exceptional service to our clients, to have each client feel as though they are our only client and exceed their expectations.”

My experience of over 25 years in the financial services industry has prepared me to ensure we are providing the ‘best in class’ experience at a real value.  My goal is to become Georgia’s Premier Mechanical Services Company, and an incredible place for employees to build a career,” Christopher W. Marek further added in his statement.

About The AIR Company of Georgia:

The AIR Company of Georgia is basically a full service company that provides unrestricted complete solutions and services for air-conditioning, commercial heating, refrigeration and mechanical services right at the doorstep of its customers. The company is currently operating in the state of Georgia.

Beauty By Earth Offered High-Quality Germ Fighting Hand Sanitizer For Customers

Beauty BY Earth has announced on Friday that the company has offered the top quality and effective Hand Sanitizer for customers and the hand sanitizer is readily available for customers on the market. The company has further added that it has formulated the Hand Sanitizer with the quality ingredients and customers wouldn’t find any remnants of sulfates, parabens and phthalates like ingredients in its Hand Sanitizer.

The official website of Beauty By Earth stated about the Hand Sanitizer as, “Our favorite antibacterial ingredients work together to kill germs while nourishing your hands. Made with organic aloe vera gel, peppermint essential oil, and lavender essential oil, it’s a germ-fighting, skin-loving powerhouse. Aloe vera gel. Honestly, you can’t find a better base for a hand sanitizer. Its naturally occurring antioxidant and antibacterial properties make it a perfect choice.”

Your hands will love it too! It won’t dry them out like conventional hand sanitizers will. Aloe vera also contains a number of vitamins and minerals which can boost immunity. In particular, Vitamin A helps take out rogue viral and bacterial threats. It’s safe and effective for all ages and skin types,” website further stated.

Chief Executive Officer of Beauty By Earth, Ryan Greve said, “We are a family-owned business with a deep sense of community. As soon as COVID-19 hit, development and distribution of a quality hand sanitizer quickly rose to the top of our priority list. I’m extremely proud of our small but mighty team for getting this done in record time so we are able to support communities across the county in fighting this pandemic.”

Beautician Sara B said, “I fell in love with Beauty By Earth 4 years ago after using their Lip Balm. Over the course of the past 4 years I’ve managed to replace all of my skincare items with their natural products, made with a lot of certified Organic ingredients.”

Ace Hardware Corporation Announces Q1 2020 Financial Results

Ace Hardware Corporation has announced the company’s Q1 2020 Financial Results ended on March 31, 2020. According to the financial details released by the company, the company has generated the total revenue of $1.43 billions, with an increase of $51.9 million in the previous quarter of 2019. The company’s net income reached $36.2 million for the first quarter of 2020 with an increase of $13.6 million from the previous quarter of 2019.

The company’s retail operating expenses increased up to $17.9 million with an increase of 47.6% from the previous quarter of 2019. The company has further said that the total domestic store count of the company reached 4,566 at the end of the first quarter of 2020 with an increase of 69 stores from the previous quarter of 2019.

Chief Executive Officer and President of Ace Hardware Corporation, John Venhulzen said, “While our first quarter generated record sales and profit, we humbly acknowledge that this global pandemic has ripped open much of the world like a nasty earthquake in the six weeks since our quarter ended.  Business has changed dramatically in this period, as has life for a meaningful portion of the world.”

“In the month of April, U.S. retail same-store sales increased 26 percent and our online business surged 580 percent; primarily through curbside pickup, in-store pickup and delivery from our locally owned stores,” John Venhulzen further added.

“We feel both the blessing and the burden of being declared an essential retailer. The protection of our people and our neighbors remains our highest priority.  I want to convey my deep and sincere appreciation to the Ace team and in particular our steady-handed drivers, our hard-working warehouse specialists and our in-store, red-vested heroes for their grit, guts and servant hearts,” John Venhulzen continued.

Lucid Motors Appoints New General Counsel and Vice President

Lucid Motors has announced that the company has appointed Jonathan Butler as Company’s New Vice President and General Counsel with immediate effect. The newly appointed company’s VP and General Counsel will lead the company’s legal, public policy and compliance functions.

Jonathan Butler has got over 17 years of experience in managing the global resourcing and automotive technology industries. Mr. Jonathan has got years of experience in litigation, corporate governance, commercial transactions, risk management, compliance and different issues related to intellectual property.

Prior joining Lucid Motors, Mr. Jonathan Butler served Tesla as the Deputy General Counsel. Prior to that, Mr. Jonathan spent more than 8 years with the International Law Firm Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman, where Jonathan oversaw the practice of global sourcing and technology practice.

The main mission of Lucid Motors is to inspire the digital world of vehicle automation by manufacturing state of the art Electric Vehicles focused on best human experience.

Chief Executive Officer and CTO at Lucid Motors, Peter Rawlinson said, “Jonathan is an exceptional addition to the Lucid team and will be key to fulfilling our mission to deliver the best possible electric vehicle experience.”

“He will not only lead all of Lucid’s efforts related to legal, compliance, and public policy, but will also be responsible for protecting Lucid’s prodigious intellectual property and ensuring we remain ahead of the competition well into the future,” Ralinson further added.

Sharing his thoughts over the new appointment, Mr. Jonathan Butler said, “Lucid has developed an incredible product based on cutting-edge engineering and technology, and its leadership team is top-notch.”

“The company is poised to further disrupt the automotive industry, and I’m thrilled to join Lucid and help advance its goal to deliver the best EV experience,” Jonathan Butler continued.

Jenzabar Analytics Named As The Finalist in 2020 EdTech Cool Tool Awards In Higher Education Solutions Category

Jenzabar has announced that Jenzabar Analytics has been named as the finalist in 2020 EdTech Cool Tool Awards in the category of Higher Education Solution. The awards recognized the company’s contributions that support the enrichment of the lives of learners and ongoing innovation of education.

The company’s Jenzabar Analytics is a comprehensive and out of the box set of tools that enables leaders of higher education to achieve their goals with simplicity and ease. The Company’s analytics tool consists of several components, including the Program economics analytic model, financial analytics model and data cloud, which empowers organizations to store and collect more information from external and internal sources with centralized cloud management systems.

Product Manager for Analytics and Student Success at Jenzabar, Meghan Turjanica said, “In today’s hypercompetitive digital world, institutions must be able to personalize experiences, identify and learn from trends, and enable agile and flexible operations. The good news is that institutions have mountains of data at their fingertips that allow them to achieve these goals.”

“We are excited to be named a finalist in this award, which allows us to showcase how our data analytics solution suite can help higher education institutions harness their data to visualize and capitalize on new opportunities for growth and transformation,” Meghan Turjanica further added.

The EdTech Cool Tool Award was established in the year of 2010 to acknowledge and recognize the most innovative and out of the box solutions in streamlining education technology. The EdTech Award is the largest recognized award of the company in all the domains of educational technology. This year the Judge has finalized the winner based on different criteria based on different criteria as efficacy, pedagogical workability, support, value, potential and clarity.

China Unicom, NetDragon And Two Other Companies Collaborated To Develop Smart Education Joint Venture Yunqi Smart

NetDragon Websoft Holdings has announced that China United Network Communications Limited, NetDragon, has collaborated with the National Engineering Laboratory For Educational Big Data and National Engineering Research Center for E-Learning to develop a smart education Joint Venture named as Yunqi Smart.

The company’s new platform, Yunqi Smart is basically an internet technology company that provides expertise to offer services to smart education businesses operating under China United Network Communications Limited. The proposed joint venture will help to revolutionize the smart education industry by implementing new technology and tools, such as NetDragon’s Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, bit data, 5G Technology, Internet of Things and blockchain, Artificial Reality, Virtual Reality, 3D Platforms and other related hardware and software capabilities.

Vice President of China United Network Communications, Liang Baojun said, “Yunqi Smart is another important achievement of China Unicom’s comprehensive digital transformation. It is a mixed-ownership internet technology company jointly developed by China Unicom and its partners under strategic cooperation in the field of smart education.”

“Yunqi Smart will rely on the resources of China Unicom in the fields including 5G, cloud computing, big data, Internet of Things and artificial intelligence, combined with the authority and scientific research capabilities of the two national research institutions, and will leverage NetDragon’s strength and brand influence in the field of smart education, to provide customers with product, services and comprehensive solutions across the full value chain of educational informatization,” Mr. Liang Baojun further added.

Chairman and Founder of NetDragon. Liu Dejian said, “NetDragon has always been committed to providing customers with the best education technologies. With the advent of the 5G era, we expect this cooperation to achieve new breakthroughs with respect to innovation and R&D of education informatization products and services.”

China Pharma Holdings Announces Q1 2020 Results

China Pharma Holdings have announced the company’s financial results Q1 2020 ended on March 31, 2020. According to the financial details released by the company, the company has witnessed the overall decrease in revenue to $1.8 million in the Q1 2020, which was 39.8% less than the previous quarter of $2.9 million.

The net gross margin of the company stood at 11.0% in the Q1 2020 as compared to 22.4% in the previous quarter. The company has recorded the total loss from operations up to $0.6 million in the Q1 2020, which was $0.3 in the previous quarter. The total net loss of the company stood at $0.7 million in the Q1 2020, which was 0.4 million in the previous quarter.

Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of China Pharma Holdings, Ms. Zhilin Li said, “The current outbreak of COVID-19 has had a material and adverse effect on the Company’s business operations. We had experienced disruptions and restrictions on our ability to travel and to distribute our products, as well as temporary closures of our facilities or the facilities of the suppliers or customers. In addition, COVID-19 has resulted in a widespread health crisis that adversely affected the economies and financial markets of China and many other countries.”

“Along with the lasting efforts to place emphasis on the marketing and sales of our current exiting pharmaceutical products, we continue to explore in the field of comprehensive healthcare. Comprehensive healthcare focuses on people’s daily life, aging and disease and pays attention to all kinds of risk factors and misunderstandings affecting health. We launched wash-free sanitizer and mask production lines recently to address the market needs caused by COVID-19. We aim to leverage our expertise in the PRC for the development, manufacture and commercialization of pharmaceutical and comprehensive healthcare products for the benefit of human health,” Ms Li Zhilin continued.

Quontic Bank Appoints New Vice President of Specialty Banking

Quontic Bank has announced on Thursday that it has appointed Casey Christopher as the bank’s new Vice President of Specialty Banking with immediate effect. The new assigned responsibilities of the Casey to break the traditional banking system empower the innovative financial system to its existing and upcoming clients.

The newly appointed Bank’s Vice President of Specialty Banking has got years of extensive experience in the field of financial management and banking industry that would prove to be very beneficial for the upcoming ventures, partnership and deal of the bank.

In her new position, Casey will focus on delivering banking products, to improve financial outcomes and she will also help the Bank to become the career destination for women along with a new generation of financial and tech advisors.

Chief Executive Officer of Quontic Bank, Steve Schnail said, “We are ecstatic for Casey to be joining the Quontic team. We’ve been able to work together as partners for over a year now and have decided to join forces to continue pushing innovation in banking. Casey represents the type of proven leader Quontic seeks to attract and we are excited to watch her create value for our customers, partners, employees, and Quontic itself.

“Casey embodies the heart of what we are striving to do at Quontic. We look forward to onboarding Casey as a leader in banking, and welcome her as our new Vice President of Specialty Banking,”Schnail further added.

Sharing her thoughts over the appointments, Casey said, “Breaking the system means disassembling our thoughts, beliefs and actions on why and how we do things and putting it all back together to improve our customers’ experience.”

“I have been fortunate enough to have great mentors in the industry that have inspired me to envision new programs that are pathways to change. Alongside the team at Quontic, these ideas will become reality. Working at a CDFI allows me to marry my respect for community banks and my desire to make positive changes in our community- striking a balance between profits and purpose. I couldn’t be more excited about my career at Quontic and all the great things we will do together,” Casey continued.

Premier Medical Laboratory Services Reports Radical Increase In Covid-19 Testing With OnGem LIMS Cloud System

Premier Medical Laboratory Services has announced that it has witnessed the phenomenal increase in the testing of Covid-19 pandemic due to the implementation of OnGen Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS). The healthcare company has further added that now with the integration of OnGen LIMS Cloud System, the company can easily perform up to 620,000 COvid-19 pandemic tests per month.

Premier Medical Laboratory Services has added that it has achieved this milestone after streamlining and integrating its existing laboratory processes with the platform of OnGen LIMS Cloud System. One of the best features of the OnGen Cloud System is that it seamlessly integrates with any existing Electronic Medical Record System (EMR) that a number of physicians and hospitals are currently using. With the help of the company’s cloud system, the medical laboratories can significantly expand their workflow by increasing the virus testing ratio, which would never be possible without integrating the OnGen LIMS cloud system.

Chief Information Officer and President at OnGen, Ryan Piper said, “Our team developed the OnGen platform with scalability to enhance any laboratory’s testing volume while maintaining FDA and CDC regulations.”

“The cloud-based technology that the platform employs is an advanced innovative solution to the laboratory infrastructure shortage that our country is facing with COVID-19 testing. We are proud to see how our platform is helping laboratories to successfully manage the unprecedented influx of testing demands in preparation for America to reopen,” Ryan Piper further added.

Founder of Premier Medical Laboratory, Kevin Murdock said, “OnGen is the technology solution that we found most effective in streamlining our workflow and automating many of our lab processes that would otherwise be done manually. This has allowed us to increase our testing capacity from 124,000 to 620,000 tests per month and we are now able to better serve the increasing amount of physicians who count on us to provide results for their patients.”

Radiko Holding Completes Its Transaction With BioNeva

Radiko Holdings, a leading cannabis-focused company, has announced on Monday May 11, 2020 that the company has successfully completed its transaction with Nevada-based BioNMeva Innovations of Carson City.

According to the details released by the company, BioNeva is a leading cannabis cultivator that holds cannabis cultivation licenses of both recreational and medical marijuana. The company has got the fully operational facility of one acre of leased land from outside and 8,250 f ft2 for indoor cannabis cultivation. The facility is equipped with the highly efficient auxiliary lighting systems, roof glazing material can canopy of 4,000 ft2.

Chief Executive Officer of the Radiko Holdings, Steve Gormley said, “This transaction adds significant enterprise value, and furthers our corporate development strategy of acquiring select, highly-profitable value chain investments to facilitate brand growth, enhance margins and bolster cash flow. We appreciate the patience of our shareholders as we worked to finalize this transaction amid COVID-19, and we look forward to reporting our progress as we execute our plan.”

Holder and Director of BioNeva Innovations of Carson City, Bob Yosaitis said, “I am extremely pleased that Radiko and BioNeva are able to join forces and create broader opportunities for both organizations. The Radiko team has extensive cannabis experience and the expertise to build successful operations for both the Carson City [BioNeva] and Washoe locations, and the addition of cultivation should contribute significantly to overall earnings and provide a valuable platform for Radiko’s portfolio of brands.”

About Radiko Holdings:

Radiko Holdings is a cannabis-focused company that offers the best commercial products to compliment the consumer’s lifestyles. The company’s mission is to market and build a wide range of cannabis-based products to support EBITDA. The company markets its products with permitted THC content for medical and recreational use.