Mario Draghi takes oath in Italy

The new government established by former European Central Bank President Mario Draghi in Italy took an oath today.

Draghi, who was tasked by President Sergio Mattarella to find a new government formula after the collapse of the coalition government established in 2019, announced his cabinet last night. Draghi’s cabinet, partly made up of technocrats and part politicians, will be put to confidence in parliament next week after today’s inauguration.

The government is expected to pass the no-confidence vote smoothly, as most of the parties in parliament support Draghi.

The Draghi government includes ministers from the 5-Star Movement, the Democratic Party, the League, Come on Italy, the Free and Equal, and the Living Italy parties.

Out of 23 ministerial positions, 8 were given to technocrats. The fact that only a third of the Council of Ministers consist of women caused criticism.


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