iPhone sales, expected to reach 40 million units at the end of the year, the highest number ever = Wedbush

iPhone sales

Wedbush Securities has announced that Apple will sell about 40 million iPhones between “Black Friday,” which is the beginning of the US holiday season, and Christmas.┬áIt is said to be the highest number ever in the year-end sales season.


With the year-end sales season ahead, demand is 15% higher than supply, so the delivery date of iPhone 13 Pro will be prolonged, and the supply of iPhone is expected to be limited to about 10 million units worldwide due to the shortage of semiconductors.


But October-December Replacement demand for iPhone 13 in the period is expected to reach 15 million units in China alone. In addition, it is expected that nearly 100 million units of wireless headphones “AirPods” will be shipped during the year-end sales season this year.

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