US Apple postpones office return plan indefinitely


Apple will postpone its office return plan indefinitely. Bloomberg News reported the content of a memo sent by CEO Cook to employees.

According to the previous plan, employees were scheduled to return to the office on February 1, next year.

Apple announced on the 15th that it will suspend operations of three stores in Miami, Florida, Annapolis, Maryland and Ottawa, the capital of Canada, saying that the risk of infection of employees is increasing due to the spread of the new coronavirus.

All employees will be tested for viruses before reopening at these stores.

On the 14th, Apple had re-obliged customers to wear masks at all stores in the United States.

The rapid spread of Omicron mutant infections is affecting companies’ plans to return to the office.

Google reportedly announced that if employees do not comply with the new Corona vaccination rules, they will be treated unpaid and will eventually be dismissed. In addition, JP Morgan Chase worked at an office in Manhattan, New York on the 14th, and instructed unvaccinated employees to work from home.

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