Nordic Capital Advisors Appoints Mohit Agnihotri as Partner, Strengthening Technology and Payments Team

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Nordic Capital Advisors Expands Its Expertise with Key Appointment


In a significant development, Nordic Capital Advisors has announced the appointment of Mohit Agnihotri as a Partner, reinforcing its position in the realm of Financial Technology and Payments. With over two decades of experience in investment banking, investing, and consulting, Mohit Agnihotri brings a wealth of knowledge and insight to Nordic Capital Advisors’ leading Technology & Payments team. This strategic move aims to leverage his expertise in fostering growth and innovation within the ever-evolving landscape of financial services.


A Career Defined by Excellence:

Mohit Agnihotri’s exceptional career trajectory in the Financial Technology and Payments sectors has positioned him as a prominent figure in the industry. Having held esteemed positions such as Global Head of Payments at J.P. Morgan and Managing Director at Financial Technology Partners, Mohit has spearheaded transformative initiatives and advised renowned organizations globally. With a background in computer engineering, he has consistently harnessed the power of technology to revolutionize financial services, notably contributing to the core transaction processing system at Visa.


Broadening Horizons:

Mohit Agnihotri’s collaboration with Nordic Capital Advisors marks an exciting chapter in his professional journey. With an extensive track record of working alongside prominent Financial Technology companies worldwide, including Adyen, iZettle, and Mambu, Mohit is well-positioned to contribute his expertise to Nordic Capital Advisors’ portfolio. This partnership further solidifies Nordic Capital’s position as one of the most experienced investors in the Technology & Payments sectors.


A Testament to Excellence:

Fredrik Näslund, Partner and Head of Technology & Payments at Nordic Capital Advisors, expressed delight at Mohit Agnihotri’s decision to join the team. Näslund emphasized the strength of their existing relationship, which dates back to 2010, and commended Mohit’s outstanding professional background. This appointment serves as a testament to the exceptional capabilities of Nordic Capital Advisors’ team and their ability to play a transformative role in shaping the future of the global technology landscape.


Unveiling Mohit Agnihotri’s Responsibilities:

Based in London, Mohit Agnihotri will assume responsibility for Nordic Capital Advisors’ Payments and Fintech activities. Collaborating closely with co-partner Emil Anderson, he will also oversee Financial Software investment advisory activities. Furthermore, Mohit will lead the investment advisory activities of the Technology & Payments sector team in the United States, working alongside Greg Sheldon and other members of the New York office.


Mohit Agnihotri’s Vision for the Future:

Mohit Agnihotri expressed his excitement about the current era of growth and innovation resulting from the intersection of Technology and Financial Services. Highlighting the generational shift in delivering financial products and services, he acknowledged Nordic Capital’s deep institutional experience, global network, and strong track record. Mohit emphasized his eagerness to contribute his expertise and insights to propel this positive transformation, showcasing his dedication to advancing the evolution of the industry.


Nordic Capital’s Expertise in Technology & Payments:

Nordic Capital has established itself as a pioneering force in the Technology & Payments sectors for more than two decades. Focusing on companies in Northern Europe and the United States, Nordic Capital has deployed a staggering EUR 5.8 billion of equity capital across 24 Technology & Payments platform investments since 2001. The portfolio companies collectively generate annual revenues of EUR 3.1 billion and provide employment opportunities for over 14,000 individuals.


A Bright Future Ahead:

The addition of Mohit Agnihotri to Nordic Capital Advisors’ team marks a significant step toward continued success and growth. With his invaluable experience and insights, Mohit will contribute to Nordic Capital’s ongoing pursuit of identifying and partnering with technology businesses at the forefront of the global transformation in financial services. This strategic move is set to enhance Nordic Capital’s influence in shaping the industry, driving superior growth, and capitalizing on fundamental market trends.



The appointment of Mohit Agnihotri as a Partner at Nordic Capital Advisors solidifies the company’s commitment to remaining at the forefront of technological advancements in the financial services landscape. With his extensive expertise and impressive track record, Mohit Agnihotri is poised to make substantial contributions to the growth and development of Nordic Capital Advisors’ Technology & Payments team. As the worlds of finance and technology continue to converge, this strategic move positions Nordic Capital Advisors to drive innovation, build transformative technology businesses, and shape the future of financial services on a global scale.


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