Peab to Construct Cutting-Edge Test Track for Autonomous and Electrified Vehicles in Södertälje

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Peab, a renowned construction company, has recently been commissioned to build an innovative test track in Södertälje, Sweden. This groundbreaking project, undertaken for Scania Industrial Maintenance AB, aims to pave the way for the development and advancement of autonomous and electrified vehicles. With a contract value of SEK 730 million, this venture is set to transform the landscape of sustainable transportation solutions.


Creating a Visionary Infrastructure for Advancement


The expansive 85-acre site allocated for the project in Södertälje will serve as a platform for testing and refining cutting-edge technologies. Peab’s role will involve constructing roads and surfaces that are specifically designed to accommodate the unique requirements of autonomous and electrified vehicles. By meticulously crafting a three-kilometer-long circular track, complete with banked curves, as well as a flat frame bridge at the entrance of the area, Peab aims to foster an environment that nurtures innovation and promotes progress in the realm of transportation.


Driving Progress with Extensive Testing Facilities


In addition to the primary circular track, Peab is entrusted with the responsibility of constructing approximately ten kilometers of supplementary test tracks. These tracks, in conjunction with a sprawling braking and maneuvering track, will serve as critical components for assessing the performance and capabilities of autonomous and electrified vehicles. By simulating various driving conditions and scenarios, researchers and engineers will gain invaluable insights that will ultimately contribute to the enhancement of transportation technologies.


Expertise Meets Passion: Ioannis Strantzalis on Peab’s Involvement


As Assistant Product Manager at Peab, Ioannis Strantzalis expressed his excitement and gratitude for the opportunity to be part of such a significant endeavor. Strantzalis emphasized the honor in contributing to the construction of Scania’s new test track, recognizing its pivotal role in the development of sustainable transportation solutions. Leveraging their previous experience from similar projects, Peab aims to deliver excellence and looks forward to commencing work on-site.


A Transformative Turnkey Contract


The project at hand is a turnkey contract, indicating that Peab assumes full responsibility for its implementation. This comprehensive approach ensures that Peab will oversee all aspects of construction, from inception to completion. With construction slated to commence in the autumn of 2023, the project is anticipated to conclude by 2026, marking a significant milestone in the realm of autonomous and electrified vehicles.


Anticipating Future Innovations: The Second Quarter Order Registration


As the project gains momentum, Scania’s new test track is set to be order registered in the second quarter of 2023. This milestone will officially solidify the collaboration between Peab and Scania, bringing the ambitious endeavor one step closer to reality. The order registration reflects the shared commitment of both entities towards fostering sustainable transportation solutions and driving progress in the automotive industry.


Revolutionizing Transportation: A New Era Beckons


The construction of the new test track in Södertälje represents a pivotal moment in the advancement of autonomous and electrified vehicles. By providing a dedicated and sophisticated infrastructure for testing, the project sets the stage for groundbreaking discoveries and innovation. The collaboration between Peab and Scania serves as a testament to the industry’s determination to revolutionize transportation, paving the way for a greener, safer, and more efficient future.




Peab’s commission to construct a state-of-the-art test track for autonomous and electrified vehicles in Södertälje marks a significant step towards revolutionizing transportation. Through the creation of dedicated testing facilities, the project aims to accelerate the development of sustainable solutions. With construction set to commence in the autumn of 2023, the automotive industry eagerly anticipates the transformative potential of this visionary endeavor.


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