Advisors Excel Announces $15,000 Scholarships For Women And Minorities In Kansas State University

Advisors Excel has announced that it has decided to grant 3 $5,000 scholarships to encourage the minorities and women to continue their higher education studies in Kansas State University” Personal Financing Planning (PFP) program. The company has further added that it will review each scholarship on an annual basis.

The PFP program awarded by Kansas State University helps to groom students for careers in the domain of the financial services industry. The course provides both the options of online and on-campus degree programs.

The course outline provides technical expertise to students in various disciplines, including the insurance, tax, investment and retirement planning. All the university programs are fully accredited and registered with the CFP Board.

Co-Founder of Advisors Excel, Cody Foster said, “For the 20 years I’ve been in the financial services industry, there have been many discussions about the lack of minorities and women in the profession.”

“We want to start taking action and change that, and education seems like a great place to start.  We are lucky to have one of the most recognized and respected Personal Financial Planning departments in the country, right down the road at Kansas State University, and we are excited to be partnering with them on this initiative,” Cody Foster further added.

Associate professor of Personal Financial Planning at Kansas State University and Head of Department, Dr. Martin Seay said, “Advisors Excel has been a strong partner of the Personal Financial Planning department.”

“They are keenly interested in broadening awareness of financial planning as a career and supporting students’ professional development. This new scholarship initiative encapsulates that focus, providing the critical support needed to increase the diversity of the financial planning workforce, with a focus on reinvesting in their hometown of Topeka,” Dr. Martin Seay further added.

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