Amazon advertising revenue exceeds YouTube, comparable to the global newspaper industry


Amazon announced that advertising revenue in the fourth quarter was $ 9.7 billion, up 32% year-on-year, to $ 31 billion for the full year. YouTube’s 2021 advertising revenue was $ 28.8 billion.

Analyst Benedict Evans said on Twitter that Amazon’s advertising revenue is on par with the global newspaper industry as a whole. Statista spends $ 29.5 billion annually on newspapers worldwide.

Amazon, which is known for e-commerce, is developing a strong cloud business “AWS”, and the advertising business is expected to have a very high profit margin, but the company has not disclosed the amount of profit.

Advertisements posted on websites and some of the screens of our tablet devices are narrowed down by using user search queries. Many of these ads are from companies that list on the Amazon marketplace.

“Sales of digital advertising space help to generate cash in times of high uncertainty,” said Sophie Landyates, a equity analyst at Hargreaves Landsdown.

Meta Platforms (formerly Facebook) pointed out that changes to Apple’s privacy policy have affected advertisers on the 2nd, casting a shadow over the online advertising industry, but Amazon officials told reporters Apple Even after the change, the ability to reach consumers through various advertising features has “almost unchanged.”

Landyates sees Amazon’s advertising business as comparable to Google’s parent company Alphabet, which also has its own customer information through its search system, and said Apple’s changes to its terms would have little impact.

Amazon’s advertising revenue growth has slowed from 88% in the second quarter. However, the overall revenue scale is larger than that of Pinterest, an image-sharing site that also announced strong results on the 3rd, and Snap, which develops photo / video sharing apps.

Pinterest’s fourth-quarter sales were $ 846.7 million and Snap was $ 1.3 billion.

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