Amazon announces plans to change Alexa to your favorite voice

Amazon announces plans to change Alexa to your favorite voice announced recently that it plans to change the voice of artificial intelligence (AI) to its favorite voice for the voice assistant function “Alexa”.

At an event held in Las Vegas, Senior Vice President Rajendra Prasad announced that he was developing a system that could imitate any voice by letting Alexa hear about a minute of voice. The release date was not disclosed.

Prasad said the new coronavirus epidemic has lost many loved ones, but this feature can sustain memories.

However, there are concerns that these technologies, which are aimed at helping people with disabilities, will be used to spread fake content that has been maliciously tampered with, such as “deepfake.”

Mr. Prasad explained that Alexa’s aim is the ability to adapt to the usage environment and learn new ideas even with a small amount of external input, and it is not an advanced AI that alphabets and the like study.

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