Apple is preparing to implement a random product serial number before the “Spring Loaded” conference

Apple is advising its authorized senior resellers and distributors to prepare for new products with 10- and 12-digit serial numbers, which is a few days earlier than it expects to reveal a series of new products. Apple plans to switch to random serial numbers for future products starting in early 2021.

The company now seems to be preparing for this launch. In a memo obtained by MacRumors, Apple told authorized dealers and distributors to ensure that their “systems, warehouses, and processes are in place to receive and ship both sequences.” Number format”.


Apple currently uses a 12-digit serial number format for its products. Although this alphanumeric format looks random on the surface, it actually stores key production information such as production date and time. Apple said that the new random serial number format will initially start with 10 digits, and such information will be more difficult to decipher.


Apple’s reminder to its authorized partners is less than a week away from the company’s “Spring Loaded” launch event on Tuesday, April 20. The event is expected to focus on the launch of the new iPad Pro equipped with a mini-LED display, and may launch the company’s long-awaited AirTags tracker.

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