ASML and Eindhoven Tech University to Invest $195 Million in Semiconductor Research

ASML, the European technology giant known for its advanced semiconductor manufacturing equipment, has teamed up with the Eindhoven University of Technology to significantly bolster semiconductor research. The partnership involves a combined investment of €180 million ($195 million) over the next decade, aiming to advance scientific understanding and support the growing needs of the semiconductor industry.

Investment in Semiconductor Research


ASML, headquartered in Veldhoven near Eindhoven, Netherlands, has faced challenges regarding the expansion of its operations. Concerns have arisen about whether the local workforce and infrastructure can support the company’s ambitious growth plans. In response, ASML and Eindhoven University of Technology are joining forces to ensure the region can meet these demands.

Financial Commitment

The collaboration will see Eindhoven University of Technology investing €100 million in constructing and operating a state-of-the-art cleanroom facility. This facility will focus on semiconductor-related research, encompassing fields like plasma physics, mechatronics, optics, and artificial intelligence (AI). ASML will contribute €80 million to this endeavor, underscoring its commitment to local scientific development and workforce training.

Benefits of the Partnership

Addressing Industry Needs

ASML’s Chief Financial Officer, Roger Dassen, emphasized that the partnership would help produce more PhD graduates, a critical need for the semiconductor industry. This influx of highly trained professionals will provide valuable scientific insights and support the industry’s technological advancements.

Enhancing Eindhoven’s Status

The president of Eindhoven University of Technology, Robert-Jan Smits, highlighted that this agreement is the university’s largest-ever partnership. He believes this will reinforce Eindhoven’s status as a major hub for semiconductor technology, attracting talent and investment to the region.

Supporting Local Infrastructure

In March, the Dutch government announced a significant investment of $2.7 billion under “Project Beethoven” to improve infrastructure around Eindhoven. This project aims to enhance roads, housing, and the electric grid, ensuring that ASML can expand without relocating its operations abroad. This strategic investment underscores the importance of retaining ASML’s economic contributions within the Netherlands.

Expansion Plans

New Facility Near Eindhoven Airport

In April, ASML signed a letter of intent with the city of Eindhoven to develop a new area near the city’s airport. This expansion is projected to accommodate 20,000 additional employees, indicating ASML’s long-term commitment to growth within the region.

Employment Growth

By the end of 2023, ASML employed 42,000 people globally, with 23,000 based in the Netherlands. The company aims to nearly double its annual sales to between €44 billion and €60 billion by 2030, up from €26.7 billion in 2023. This growth trajectory highlights the need for substantial investments in both infrastructure and workforce development.

Related FAQs

What is ASML?

ASML is a leading supplier of advanced technology systems for the semiconductor industry. The company is renowned for its lithography machines, which are essential for producing integrated circuits or chips.

What will the new cleanroom facility be used for?

The cleanroom facility at Eindhoven University of Technology will be used for cutting-edge semiconductor research. This includes studies in plasma physics, mechatronics, optics, and AI, all of which are crucial for advancing semiconductor technology.

How will this partnership benefit the Eindhoven region?

The partnership will enhance the Eindhoven region’s reputation as a key player in the semiconductor industry. It will also provide local employment opportunities, stimulate economic growth, and attract further investment.

What is “Project Beethoven”?

“Project Beethoven” is a Dutch government initiative to invest $2.7 billion in infrastructure improvements around Eindhoven. The project aims to support ASML’s growth by upgrading roads, housing, and the electric grid, ensuring the company remains in the region.

How many people does ASML currently employ?

As of the end of 2023, ASML employs 42,000 people worldwide, with 23,000 based in the Netherlands.

Final Thoughts

The partnership between ASML and Eindhoven University of Technology represents a significant step forward in semiconductor research and development. By investing €180 million over the next decade, both entities are addressing the industry’s pressing need for highly skilled professionals and advanced research facilities. This collaboration will not only benefit the semiconductor sector but also reinforce Eindhoven’s status as a global technology hub, ensuring sustained economic growth and innovation.

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