Stokes Winger James McClean Is Also The Victim Of Online Abuse

Stokes winger James McClean said that he has also received abuses during his nine year spell in the UK, but still he hasn’t found any support from the different football authorities in order to cope with it.

The recent comment of the Stokes Winger James McClean comes after Sheffield United’s David McGoldrick and Crystal Palace’s Zaha, who have claimed that they have been the victim of online racism abuses.

McClean added that he was deliberately targeted for not wearing the poppy on his Remembrance Day after he called the 1972 Bloody Sunday Massacre.

He also said that he was fined two weeks ago wages by Stock for wearing a black balaclava, while teaching his kids the history lesson.

On that occasion, he said, “I never wanted to cause any offence but I now realise that I did so and for that I apologise unreservedly.”

McClean said, “Driving back from training while listening to TalkSport discussing the vile racist comments this week made towards Zaha and McGoldrick on social media.”

“Listening to their reaction of disgust at it, and rightly so … because it’s horrendous and nobody should be subjected to that. People need to be held responsible for their words and actions,” he further added.

“What leaves a sour taste though … I’ve received more abuse than any other player during my nine years in England … This isn’t a cry for sympathy, but one to ask the question [of] what is the difference? McClean continued.

“I’ve seen some of my fellow Irish teammates post a black square in support of anti-racism as well as posts condemning the discrimination … have I ever seen any of them post a public condemnation of the discrimination I get … that would be a no. “Does one kind of discrimination hold a higher bearing over another act of discrimination?” he concluded.

Should America Ban Chinese App TikTok?

TikTok is a top quality Chinese App that has taken the world by storm, but now the app is the new prey of China and America Trade War. Recently, the United States has issued a security threat for the app. The U.S Government has also rallied against its parent company ByteDance and said that the app is interfering with intelligence and security laws of the country.

On the other hand, the senior management of the TikTok strongly denies these claims as false and baseless. The TikTok management said that the company has never ever handed over the customer’s data to any government and this fake propaganda should be stopped as soon as possible.

The company has issued a statement as “Our data centres are located entirely outside of China, and none of our data is subject to Chinese law. Further, we have a dedicated technical team focused on adhering to robust cybersecurity policies, and data privacy and security practices.”

A lecturer in global security at King’s College London, Tim Stevens said, “Is TikTok a national security threat or is it another punchbag in the middle of the US-China trade war? Potentially both.”

A senior research analyst for China with nonpartisan NGO Freedom House, Sarah Cook said, “The legal and political reality in China is that even if these companies would want to pushback against government requests it’d be very difficult, if not impossible, for them to do so or would carry severe implications for their companies and even for the executives personally.”

Company’s Chief Executive Officer, Zhang Yiming said, “The product has gone astray, posting content that goes against socialist core values.”

“It’s all on me. I accept all the punishment since it failed to direct public opinion in the right way,” Zhang Yiming continued.

Vanunu said, “Things become more complex cybersecurity-wise once you need to support two billion users.”

“For hacking groups, every vulnerability in TikTok potentially can open them to hundreds of millions users’ data. Is TikTok ready for this challenge?” Vanunu added.

Ørsted and TSMC Move into World’s Largest Agreement of Renewables Corporate Power Purchase

TSMC will now get the full production of Ørsted’s 2b & 4 offshore wind farm, Greater Changhua of 920MW as both companies Ørsted and TSMC have signed a corporate power purchase agreement (CPPA) making it a largest-ever contract of renewable energy industry.

According to this agreement it’s a 20-year fixed-price contract which will start after Greater Changhua 2b & 4 attains commercial operations in 2025/2026 depending on Ørsted’s final investment decision and grid availability.

A largest semiconductor foundry in world known for green manufacturing, TSMC has firmed its long-term aim to bring its name in the works of environmental sustainability after this CPPA agreement.

Senior Vice President at TSMC’s Information Technology and Materials Management & Risk Management segment, J.K. Lin said: “TSMC is happy for this opportunity to collaborate with Ørsted and not only expand the adoption of renewable energy, but also to work towards Taiwan’s energy transition to build world-class industrial environment. As a corporate citizen, TSMC is taking ‘green action’ to carry out our responsibility to environmental protection.”

Ørsted’s Greater Changhua 2b & 4 offshore wind farm will earn against the provision of power including T-RECs certificate during the contract period of 20-year. This price is more than Ørsted’s previous feed-in-tariff secured via the outcome of Taiwan’s first offshore wind auction in June 2018. This makes the project financially strong and thus will help Ørsted to keep the gains with the Greater Changhua 2b & 4 and strengthen the chances of final investment decision. While the moving into a largest-ever corporate PPA with the TSMC company makes Ørsted more trusted renewable energy partner for corporates and governments.

Executive Vice President and CEO of Ørsted Offshore, Martin Neubert said, “We commend TSMC for their leadership in renewable energy sourcing and for taking tangible action to deliver on their ambitious greenhouse gas reduction targets. By sourcing renewable energy at an unprecedented scale, TSMC demonstrates strong support for the development of renewable energy.”

Ørsted President for Asia-Pacific region, Matthias Bausenwein commented, “The agreement between Ørsted and TSMC signed today underlines Ørsted’s pioneering role in the development of renewable energy in the Asia Pacific.”

Nissan Foundation Provides grant to 27 local organizations involved in promoting diversity education

Nissan Foundation, philanthropic component of Nissan North America is granting the funds to educational programs works for various racial, ethnic and cultural groups to inform, inspire and celebrate diversity among. In line with its aim Nissan Foundation has awarded to 27 nonprofit organizations in grants totaling $680,000 for its 2020 grant cycle.

The nonprofit recipients belong to the areas where Nissan has an operational presence these include Southern California, Tennessee, Central Mississippi, Eastern Michigan and the New York and Atlanta metro areas.

The Nissan Foundation has given grant of $12 million to approximately 150 organizations in its 28-year history. Those 150 organizations offer educational programs that help various racial, ethnic and cultural groups that make up society in different educational ways.

“The Nissan Foundation’s singular focus from day one has been to stimulate dialogue around race relations and cultural diversity and to support organizations celebrating our differences while reminding us of our similarities,” said Nissan Foundation President Travis Parman. “Our 2020 grantees have been engaging in this important, difficult, and often uncomfortable, work for many years. It’s our honor and privilege to recognize and amplify their efforts.”

Nissan Foundation is still in-line with its mission of to build community around its customer base and aims for valuing culture diversity. Founded in 1992, Nissan Foundation annually awards the hundreds of thousands of dollars to nonprofit organizations for the support to its mission against the civil unrest.

“Despite the limitations of stay-at-home orders resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, our 2020 grantees have found creative ways to continue their important work,” said Parul Bajaj, Executive Director of the Nissan Foundation. “Many of them have taken their programs virtual with great success by providing multimedia resources to educate community members during a watershed moment in our history.”

Giant Food Launches Integrated eCommerce Shopping Experience

Giant Food has announced that the company has launched the integrated eCommerce shopping experience for its customers. The company has further added that all its customers can avail its new shopping experience by using the Giant Food Mobile App and by visiting the website.

The integrated eCommerce platform also combined and to create a full-fledged website on for its customers. The company has further added that all its customers, who previously used the home delivery via Peapod, will now be able to use the same eCommerce platform through integrated free mobile app or giant website.

All the items are hand-picked and delivered right at the doorstep of customers in the least possible time frame.

With the help of this collaboration, the Pickup and Delivery options of Giant are available to over 6 million customers across Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C. Customers also have the option to choose from the same day delivery or flexible order windows.

President of Giant Food, Ira Kress said, “Consumer preferences are shifting, and at Giant, convenience and value are key. We are a brand with over 84 years of serving our customers locally in our community, and we are excited to extend that commitment with the launch of our one-stop integrated digital experience.”

“The new brings customers the flexibility to shop how and when they like through the new seamless platform, with the same quality of products they expect in any of our stores,” President of Giant Food Ira Kress further added.

“Beyond choosing where and how they want to place grocery orders, customers are able to browse rewards offerings that help them earn gas and grocery points, as well as save shopping lists, and view personalized product recommendations,” President of Giant Ira Kress concluded.

Global Cord Blood Corporation Announces Fourth Quarter and Full Year of Fiscal 2020 Results

Global Cord Blood Corporation has announced the further quarter and full year of Fiscal 2020 fiscal results. The Q4 revenues of the company increased by 19.2% YoY to RMB299.9 million. The new Subscribers of the company were 18.488. The gross profit of the company increased by 25.5% to RMB256.4 million. The gross margin of the company increased to 85.5% from 81.2% in the previous year period since April 2019.

The net income attributable of the company increased by 6.5% YoY to RMB97.0 Million. The net cash of the company provided by the operating activities decreased by 59.4% Year over Year to RMB90.0 Million due to the impact of Covid-19 pandemic and it remains challenged to recruit new subscribers.

The operating income before amortization and depreciation expense increase by 58.7% YoY to RMB161.7 Million in total.

Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of CGBC, Mr. Ting Zhen said, “Despite the difficult market conditions resulting from the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic and a continued decrease in newborn numbers in the markets in which we operate, we managed to recruit over 84,000 new subscribers during fiscal 2020 and achieved our full-year target.”

“As the impact of COVID-19 lingers, hospitals in China have implemented strict access rules, and consumers remain cautious on interpersonal contact and discretionary spending. In addition, the regulatory uncertainties of the cord blood banking industry in China continue to exist,” Mr. Ting Zheng further added in the statement.

“Therefore, we believe that the business environment for the next fiscal year will remain challenging. However, we will continue to execute on our strategy to overcome the short-term challenges, focus on achieving operational targets, and explore business opportunities to pave a solid path for our long-term development,” Ms. Ting Zheng concluded.

Palomar Holdings Announces Pricing of underwritten Public Offering of Common Stock

Palomar Holdings, Inc. has priced the previously announced underwritten public offering of 1,000,000 shares of its common stock at the rate of $0.0001 per share at a public offering rate of $82.00 per share. The underwriters have a 30-day option to purchase additional shares of common stock numbering up to 150,000 at the public offering price after underwriting discounts and commissions. Underwriter will buy the shares from the Company.

The Company will use the net proceeds provided from offering for general corporate purposes, which also include to contributions to the gaining capital for Palomar Excess and Surplus Insurance Company and to use as support fund for future growth.

Seven financial firms Barclays Capital Inc., J.P. Morgan and Keefe, Bruyette & Woods, Inc., Evercore Group L.L.C., William Blair & Company, L.L.C., Piper Sandler & Co., and SunTrust Robinson Humphrey, Inc. performed the duty of managing the book-running of the Offering. While JMP Securities LLC was the co-manager for the Offering.

Palomar Holdings, Inc. is the parent company and also works as insurance holding company for its of its operating subsidiaries. Operating subsidiaries include Palomar Specialty Insurance Company, Palomar Specialty Reinsurance Company Bermuda Ltd., Palomar Insurance Agency, Inc. and Palomar Excess and Surplus Insurance Company.

Bimini Health Tech Successfully Acquires Healeon Medical

Bimini Health Tech has announced that the company has successfully acquired the Haeleon Medical. The recent acquisition of Healeon Medical will also bring more diversity in the company’s portfolio of products, including developing, continuing its mission of discovering and acquiring therapies and medical technologies.

Healeon Medical designs manufacturers and markets top of the line medical devices for extracting concentrating and processing various sizes of human tissues and therapeutic applications. The company focused on working on the cellular activity to assist in enhancing and restoring the tissue-specific functional level.

Bimini Health Tech is a leader supplier of regenerative product in therapy market. The company focuses on formulating, manufacturing and developing commercialize products that are simple, elegant and possess proven therapeutic and aesthetic benefits. The company is engaged in the manufacturing of state of the art innovative aesthetic care products Since 2013. The company’s portfolio includes, the Dermapose, Puregraft and Kerastem.

Chief Executive Officer Bimini Health Tech, Brad Conlan said, “The acquisition of Healeon brings tremendous value to Bimini’s current product portfolio.  Healeon’s commercially available PRP products and adipose product pipeline allows Bimini to offer a comprehensive set of autologous (cells or tissues obtained from the same individual) therapies to physicians globally.”

“The Healeon technology is complemented by a team bringing years of medical device sales and marketing experience to Bimini.  The combination of our two companies further establishes Bimini as a global leader in the regenerative medicine market,” Brad Conlan further added in his statement.

Chief Executive Officer of Healeon Medical, Jeff Greiner said, “Healeon is thrilled to become part of the Bimini portfolio, continuing our mission of bringing novel technologies to the global regenerative medicine marketplace.  The combined experience coupled with the breadth of products, positions Bimini Health Tech to be a formidable leader for years to come.”

WWF and Google Collaborate To Innovate Fashion Industry

WWF Sweden and Google announced that both the companies have collaborated to innovate the fashion industry. The proposed collaboration will help both companies to project and draw unique strengths and qualities of both the organizations.

Today’s fashion industry accounted for 2-8% of greenhouse gas emission and 20% of wastewater and the ratio is expected to increase up to 50% by the year of 2030. The majority of the impact occurs in the production process and fragmentation of raw material required for the industry.

Head of Customer Engineering, Retail, Google UK/ IE, Ian Pattison said, “It’s our ambition to create a data-enriched decision-making platform that enables analysis of the supply chain in a way that has not been possible before at this scale.”

Chief Executive Officer of WWF Sweden, Hakan Wirten said, “WWF’s partnership work with companies has always been motivated by the need to drive real transformation at the largest possible scale.”

“This project is an excellent example of how we can take valuable work with a long term partner like IKEA, collaborate with another strong WWF partner like Google to make that work even more powerful, and make it open source so that hopefully it can help with the transformation of a whole industry,” Hakan Wirten further added in his statement.

“Partnering with WWF brings together Google Cloud’s technical capacity, including big-data analysis and machine learning, and WWF’s deep knowledge of assessing raw materials. Together, we can make supply chain data visible and accessible to decision makers, and drive more responsible and sustainable decisions,” Ian Pattison further added.

Google Sustainability Officer, kate Brandt said, “Sustainability is a challenge that crosses industry boundaries, and we firmly believe that solutions require strong partnerships and collaboration.”

“Our ambition is to fill fundamental data gaps by bringing greater accuracy to environmental reporting—ultimately moving toward more sustainable processes. By combining our technology, and with data inputs from many key industry brands and retailers, we believe we can significantly magnify this work together,” Kare Brandt concluded.

Wanda Sports Group Company Limited Announces Q1 2020 Financial Results

Wanda Sports Group Company Limited announced the quarter first 2020 results. According to the details, the company has generated the total revenue from continuing operations up to €163.7 million in the Q1 2020 as compared to the previous quarter of €219.9 million. The loss for the period from continuing operation was €4.3 million in the first quarter of 2020 as compared to the previous quarter of €3.4 million of the previous quarter of 2019.

The adjusted EBITDA for the company from the continuing operation reached at €20.7 million in the Q1 2020 as compared to the previous quarter of €28.2 million of the previous quarter of 2019. During the Q1 2020, the company has successfully expanded its strategic partnership with the International Biathlon Union (IBU) for exclusive marketing and media rights until the 2020/30 season.

Chief Executive Officer of Wanda Sports Group, Mr. Hengming Yang said, “We started off the year with good momentum from all of our business segments. However, almost all major sporting events were postponed or cancelled starting in March of this year due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. Despite unprecedented market conditions, we still delivered revenue of €163.7 million, primarily driven by our resilient business model and long-term contractual agreements, especially from our Spectator Sports segment.”

“In facing the market challenges, we plan to leverage our advanced technology and to concentrate our innovative efforts for expanded and differentiated content and digital solutions to further drive the engagement of our athletes, fans and partners,” added Mr. Hengming.

“As we see the sport sector gradually re-open after the Covid-19 related lockdowns, we believe we are well-prepared to actively serve our partners and clients across our different markets based on our global diversity, expertise and broad capabilities continue to believe in the long-term global dynamics of the sports industry, and our ability to execute our growth strategies to further reinforce our strengths and competitive advantages.” Mr. Hengming concluded