Bimini Health Tech Successfully Acquires Healeon Medical

Bimini Health Tech has announced that the company has successfully acquired the Haeleon Medical. The recent acquisition of Healeon Medical will also bring more diversity in the company’s portfolio of products, including developing, continuing its mission of discovering and acquiring therapies and medical technologies.

Healeon Medical designs manufacturers and markets top of the line medical devices for extracting concentrating and processing various sizes of human tissues and therapeutic applications. The company focused on working on the cellular activity to assist in enhancing and restoring the tissue-specific functional level.

Bimini Health Tech is a leader supplier of regenerative product in therapy market. The company focuses on formulating, manufacturing and developing commercialize products that are simple, elegant and possess proven therapeutic and aesthetic benefits. The company is engaged in the manufacturing of state of the art innovative aesthetic care products Since 2013. The company’s portfolio includes, the Dermapose, Puregraft and Kerastem.

Chief Executive Officer Bimini Health Tech, Brad Conlan said, “The acquisition of Healeon brings tremendous value to Bimini’s current product portfolio.  Healeon’s commercially available PRP products and adipose product pipeline allows Bimini to offer a comprehensive set of autologous (cells or tissues obtained from the same individual) therapies to physicians globally.”

“The Healeon technology is complemented by a team bringing years of medical device sales and marketing experience to Bimini.  The combination of our two companies further establishes Bimini as a global leader in the regenerative medicine market,” Brad Conlan further added in his statement.

Chief Executive Officer of Healeon Medical, Jeff Greiner said, “Healeon is thrilled to become part of the Bimini portfolio, continuing our mission of bringing novel technologies to the global regenerative medicine marketplace.  The combined experience coupled with the breadth of products, positions Bimini Health Tech to be a formidable leader for years to come.”

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