China Unicom, NetDragon And Two Other Companies Collaborated To Develop Smart Education Joint Venture Yunqi Smart

NetDragon Websoft Holdings has announced that China United Network Communications Limited, NetDragon, has collaborated with the National Engineering Laboratory For Educational Big Data and National Engineering Research Center for E-Learning to develop a smart education Joint Venture named as Yunqi Smart.

The company’s new platform, Yunqi Smart is basically an internet technology company that provides expertise to offer services to smart education businesses operating under China United Network Communications Limited. The proposed joint venture will help to revolutionize the smart education industry by implementing new technology and tools, such as NetDragon’s Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, bit data, 5G Technology, Internet of Things and blockchain, Artificial Reality, Virtual Reality, 3D Platforms and other related hardware and software capabilities.

Vice President of China United Network Communications, Liang Baojun said, “Yunqi Smart is another important achievement of China Unicom’s comprehensive digital transformation. It is a mixed-ownership internet technology company jointly developed by China Unicom and its partners under strategic cooperation in the field of smart education.”

“Yunqi Smart will rely on the resources of China Unicom in the fields including 5G, cloud computing, big data, Internet of Things and artificial intelligence, combined with the authority and scientific research capabilities of the two national research institutions, and will leverage NetDragon’s strength and brand influence in the field of smart education, to provide customers with product, services and comprehensive solutions across the full value chain of educational informatization,” Mr. Liang Baojun further added.

Chairman and Founder of NetDragon. Liu Dejian said, “NetDragon has always been committed to providing customers with the best education technologies. With the advent of the 5G era, we expect this cooperation to achieve new breakthroughs with respect to innovation and R&D of education informatization products and services.”

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