Jenzabar Analytics Named As The Finalist in 2020 EdTech Cool Tool Awards In Higher Education Solutions Category

Jenzabar has announced that Jenzabar Analytics has been named as the finalist in 2020 EdTech Cool Tool Awards in the category of Higher Education Solution. The awards recognized the company’s contributions that support the enrichment of the lives of learners and ongoing innovation of education.

The company’s Jenzabar Analytics is a comprehensive and out of the box set of tools that enables leaders of higher education to achieve their goals with simplicity and ease. The Company’s analytics tool consists of several components, including the Program economics analytic model, financial analytics model and data cloud, which empowers organizations to store and collect more information from external and internal sources with centralized cloud management systems.

Product Manager for Analytics and Student Success at Jenzabar, Meghan Turjanica said, “In today’s hypercompetitive digital world, institutions must be able to personalize experiences, identify and learn from trends, and enable agile and flexible operations. The good news is that institutions have mountains of data at their fingertips that allow them to achieve these goals.”

“We are excited to be named a finalist in this award, which allows us to showcase how our data analytics solution suite can help higher education institutions harness their data to visualize and capitalize on new opportunities for growth and transformation,” Meghan Turjanica further added.

The EdTech Cool Tool Award was established in the year of 2010 to acknowledge and recognize the most innovative and out of the box solutions in streamlining education technology. The EdTech Award is the largest recognized award of the company in all the domains of educational technology. This year the Judge has finalized the winner based on different criteria based on different criteria as efficacy, pedagogical workability, support, value, potential and clarity.

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