Musk warns Twitter employees: Work hard, you will be very demanding

Musk warns Twitter employees: Work hard, you will be very demanding

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has warned Twitter employees that their workload will reach “extreme levels” when he takes over, but he insists that in order to keep the company To be successful, he will work harder than the employees. On Saturday, local time in the United States, Musk posted an outline of his own way of running Twitter, emphasizing that it will still be technology-centric. ” If the acquisition closes, the company will focus more on hardcore software engineering, design, information security and server hardware, ” he wrote .


“The work ethic of my employees will be more extreme, but far less than what I’m asking of myself,” Musk wrote in response to a fan’s comments on Sunday . ” Software managers must write great software, otherwise they’re like cavalry. Captain doesn’t ride like a horse! ” This shows that under Musk, Twitter employees still need to work very hard because he has set extremely high work ethic expectations of himself, even when those expectations can be negatively impacted at times.


Musk, for example, took extreme measures when Tesla was challenged to ramp up production of the Model X and Model 3. Both vehicles experienced major delays that put a lot of pressure on the company, and in response Musk decided to just sleep on the floor of the Fremont factory so he could help resolve issues on the production floor in time.


Musk clearly has high expectations for Twitter employees, which may actually attract a lot of good talent. This can be seen in Tesla and SpaceX, two companies led by Musk. Both companies are known for their high expectations for their employees, but they are always one of the most attractive places to work for job seekers. For example, Tesla recently revealed in its 2021 impact report that it received 3 million job applications last year alone.


It remains to be seen whether Musk’s statements about his expectations for employees will be embraced by current Twitter employees. Many Twitter employees reportedly expressed dismay at the idea of ​​Musk leading the company, calling his obsession with free speech “harmful” and leaving.


The deal, which could close within the next six months, has sparked widespread speculation that Musk is planning to cut 1,000 of Twitter’s current employees to boost profits. But Musk expects the company to hire thousands of new employees over the next three years, increasing its workforce to about 11,000 from the current 7,500. Among them, many of the new recruits are likely to come from the engineering field.


At the company level, Musk has previously floated the idea of ​​closing its San Francisco headquarters to save money and possibly no longer pay for board members, which would cut another $3 million in expenses. Musk has even proposed transforming Twitter’s headquarters into a homeless shelter, but it’s unclear if he’s joking.


The changes are just part of Musk’s plan to boost Twitter’s annual revenue to $26.4 billion by 2028, up from $5 billion last year. Among them, advertising revenue will reach 12 billion US dollars in 2028, but the proportion of total revenue will drop from 90% in 2020 to 45%.


In addition, Musk expects Twitter to reach $10 billion in subscription revenue in 2028. He allegedly preferred a subscription-based operating model to advertising because it would free Twitter from pressure from advertisers.


He even suggested that users could pay for subscriptions in cryptocurrencies, including Musk’s Dogecoin. Other revenue will come from businesses such as data licensing. Musk also tweeted that Twitter could potentially be profitable, but he did not provide specifics. (small)

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