Nissan Foundation Provides grant to 27 local organizations involved in promoting diversity education

Nissan Foundation, philanthropic component of Nissan North America is granting the funds to educational programs works for various racial, ethnic and cultural groups to inform, inspire and celebrate diversity among. In line with its aim Nissan Foundation has awarded to 27 nonprofit organizations in grants totaling $680,000 for its 2020 grant cycle.

The nonprofit recipients belong to the areas where Nissan has an operational presence these include Southern California, Tennessee, Central Mississippi, Eastern Michigan and the New York and Atlanta metro areas.

The Nissan Foundation has given grant of $12 million to approximately 150 organizations in its 28-year history. Those 150 organizations offer educational programs that help various racial, ethnic and cultural groups that make up society in different educational ways.

“The Nissan Foundation’s singular focus from day one has been to stimulate dialogue around race relations and cultural diversity and to support organizations celebrating our differences while reminding us of our similarities,” said Nissan Foundation President Travis Parman. “Our 2020 grantees have been engaging in this important, difficult, and often uncomfortable, work for many years. It’s our honor and privilege to recognize and amplify their efforts.”

Nissan Foundation is still in-line with its mission of to build community around its customer base and aims for valuing culture diversity. Founded in 1992, Nissan Foundation annually awards the hundreds of thousands of dollars to nonprofit organizations for the support to its mission against the civil unrest.

“Despite the limitations of stay-at-home orders resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, our 2020 grantees have found creative ways to continue their important work,” said Parul Bajaj, Executive Director of the Nissan Foundation. “Many of them have taken their programs virtual with great success by providing multimedia resources to educate community members during a watershed moment in our history.”

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