Our Staff

Linda Gatton – Business

Linda Gatton

Linda Gatton is our lead Business journalist with over 15 years of experience in the financial sector.

She brings a wealth of knowledge on market trends, economic policies, and corporate strategies.

Linda’s insightful analysis and comprehensive reports help our readers stay ahead in the business world.

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Everett S. Huston – Technology

Everett Huston

Everett S. Huston is our Technology expert, keeping you updated with the latest tech innovations and trends.

With a background in software development and IT, Everett’s articles delve deep into new gadgets, software updates, and tech industry news.

His clear and concise explanations make even the most complex technology topics accessible to our readers.

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Julia Hartman – News

Julia Hartman

Julia Hartman is our dedicated News correspondent, bringing you breaking news and in-depth reports on current events.

With a background in investigative journalism, Julia excels in uncovering the truth behind major headlines and delivering comprehensive stories that matter.

Her commitment to accuracy and integrity ensures that our readers are always well-informed on the latest news.

Contact:     [email protected]