Premier Medical Laboratory Services Reports Radical Increase In Covid-19 Testing With OnGem LIMS Cloud System

Premier Medical Laboratory Services has announced that it has witnessed the phenomenal increase in the testing of Covid-19 pandemic due to the implementation of OnGen Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS). The healthcare company has further added that now with the integration of OnGen LIMS Cloud System, the company can easily perform up to 620,000 COvid-19 pandemic tests per month.

Premier Medical Laboratory Services has added that it has achieved this milestone after streamlining and integrating its existing laboratory processes with the platform of OnGen LIMS Cloud System. One of the best features of the OnGen Cloud System is that it seamlessly integrates with any existing Electronic Medical Record System (EMR) that a number of physicians and hospitals are currently using. With the help of the company’s cloud system, the medical laboratories can significantly expand their workflow by increasing the virus testing ratio, which would never be possible without integrating the OnGen LIMS cloud system.

Chief Information Officer and President at OnGen, Ryan Piper said, “Our team developed the OnGen platform with scalability to enhance any laboratory’s testing volume while maintaining FDA and CDC regulations.”

“The cloud-based technology that the platform employs is an advanced innovative solution to the laboratory infrastructure shortage that our country is facing with COVID-19 testing. We are proud to see how our platform is helping laboratories to successfully manage the unprecedented influx of testing demands in preparation for America to reopen,” Ryan Piper further added.

Founder of Premier Medical Laboratory, Kevin Murdock said, “OnGen is the technology solution that we found most effective in streamlining our workflow and automating many of our lab processes that would otherwise be done manually. This has allowed us to increase our testing capacity from 124,000 to 620,000 tests per month and we are now able to better serve the increasing amount of physicians who count on us to provide results for their patients.”

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