Quontic Bank Appoints New Vice President of Specialty Banking

Quontic Bank has announced on Thursday that it has appointed Casey Christopher as the bank’s new Vice President of Specialty Banking with immediate effect. The new assigned responsibilities of the Casey to break the traditional banking system empower the innovative financial system to its existing and upcoming clients.

The newly appointed Bank’s Vice President of Specialty Banking has got years of extensive experience in the field of financial management and banking industry that would prove to be very beneficial for the upcoming ventures, partnership and deal of the bank.

In her new position, Casey will focus on delivering banking products, to improve financial outcomes and she will also help the Bank to become the career destination for women along with a new generation of financial and tech advisors.

Chief Executive Officer of Quontic Bank, Steve Schnail said, “We are ecstatic for Casey to be joining the Quontic team. We’ve been able to work together as partners for over a year now and have decided to join forces to continue pushing innovation in banking. Casey represents the type of proven leader Quontic seeks to attract and we are excited to watch her create value for our customers, partners, employees, and Quontic itself.

“Casey embodies the heart of what we are striving to do at Quontic. We look forward to onboarding Casey as a leader in banking, and welcome her as our new Vice President of Specialty Banking,”Schnail further added.

Sharing her thoughts over the appointments, Casey said, “Breaking the system means disassembling our thoughts, beliefs and actions on why and how we do things and putting it all back together to improve our customers’ experience.”

“I have been fortunate enough to have great mentors in the industry that have inspired me to envision new programs that are pathways to change. Alongside the team at Quontic, these ideas will become reality. Working at a CDFI allows me to marry my respect for community banks and my desire to make positive changes in our community- striking a balance between profits and purpose. I couldn’t be more excited about my career at Quontic and all the great things we will do together,” Casey continued.

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