T-Mobile US plans to close Sprint LTE network next year

According to Light Reading reports, T-Mobile US confirmed that the company will shut down Sprint’s LTE network before June 30, 2022.


T-Mobile has previously revealed that it will close Sprint’s 3G CDMA network on January 1, 2022. This decision caused some controversy, because Dish Network asked T-Mobile to maintain the network for a period of next year, but T-Mobile rejected this request. At present, some of Dish’s Boost Mobile customers (unknown number) still rely on Sprint’s CDMA network.


After completing the acquisition of Sprint for US$26 billion last year, T-Mobile plans to completely shut down the Sprint network as part of its plan to absorb Sprint resources. T-Mobile is using Sprint’s spectrum and tower assets to build a 5G network, and is working hard to transfer Sprint’s old customers from the Sprint network.


T-Mobile said it has managed to transfer about 33% of Sprint customers to T-Mobile’s network.


“Transferring those customers who use the old network to the advanced high-speed network means that they will need mobile phones and terminals that can use the latest technology instead of relying on the old network . We will ensure that our customers and partners during the transition period Provide support. We have been sending notifications since the end of last year. Everyone who needs to upgrade the network will receive advance notice and receive messages directly from T-Mobile.” The operator wrote on its website.


It is worth noting that T-Mobile has no plans to shut down its own 2G network. The operator wrote, “We plan to phase out T-Mobile’s old 2G GSM and 3G UMTS networks, but no date has been set yet. We will update relevant information in the future.”


In addition, other U.S. operators are also working to shut down the old network, thereby devoting more resources to the new network technology. For example, AT&T plans to shut down its 3G network early next year, while Verizon now plans to shut down its 3G network in early 2023.

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